Why are the dead raised?

April 21, 2019
SERMON NOTES: How important is the resurrection of Jesus Christ to the Christian faith? Are the dead raised? (1Corinthtians 15:1-19)?

The Living Christ

April 1, 2018
SERMON NOTES: Have you discovered the empty tomb (John 20:1-10)? What do you know of the appearances of Jesus on resurrection day (John 20:11-23)? Do you have the problem of…

Preparing for Jesus

March 18, 2018
SERMON NOTES: What was John's preaching like (Luke 3:1-6)? What did John's preaching demand (Luke 3:7-14)?

Searching for Jesus

March 11, 2018
SERMON NOTES: Who was searching for Jesus (Luke 2:43-45)? How was Jesus found (Luke 2:46-47)? What was the family reunion like (Luke 2:48-52)?

Bethlehem’s Baby Child

December 11, 2016
SERMON NOTES: What is the greatest mystery in the Bible? Who is this child? What did Jesus do while he was here on earth? What does Jesus expect from us?