Crossroads Community Church Wedding Policy

REQUIREMENTS Since our purpose is to establish Christian Marriages in the context of a loving community, weddings are reserved for individuals who meet the following requirements:

  • Bride and Groom are both committed followers of Christ.
  • Bride or Groom are either:
    • Members
    •  Immediate families of members
  • Bride and Groom agree to follow Crossroads wedding process.
    • Complete pre-marital assessment and pre-marital counseling sessions with officiating pastor


    Use of church facilities will be scheduled with church programming receiving priority.  When the calendar is clear, weddings may be scheduled as follows:

    Weddings are scheduled on:

    • Saturday 11:00 AM
    • Saturday 1:00 PM

    An assigned Crossroads pastor will be available to officiate your wedding at one of the above times.

    • Pastors can schedule weddings on other days of the week if they wish, but this is by their personal choice.  Again church facilities will be scheduled with church programming receiving priority.
    • Rehearsal times will be scheduled in conjunction with the officiating pastor and wedding assistant. Most often the evening before the wedding, but it will be based upon availability.
    • When decorating the sanctuary, please be respectful of all the wood, and use only non-marring decorations.
    • Weddings will be held in the Crossroads with a maximum time allotment of 5 hours (two hours prior to ceremony time and two hour following ceremony time).  This includes decorating, dressing, ceremony, pictures, reception line, clean-up, etc.
    • Two dressing rooms will be reserved along with the sanctuary.
    • Only designated areas or rooms may be used with prior approval.
    • Crossroads seating capacity:

    Receptions may be held in Crossroads’s Lower Level based upon availability. The is reserved in coordination with the ceremony time.  Same day set-up for decorating.

    The following is NOT allowed:

        •  Alcoholic beverages of any kind on church property.
        • Smoking in the building per state law.
        • Throwing of rice, bird seed and real flower petals on church grounds.(Bubbles and silk flower petal are permitted.)
        • Food of any kind in the main level and sanctuary (bottled water is allowed and food for wedding party only is permitted in the Fireside Room)
        • Photographers and videographers beyond the front row of chairs during ceremony.
        • Pinned Chair Bows on the chairs
        • Metal wreath hanger on doors (plastic that will not scratch the wooden doors is permissible)
        • Duct tape, or any other type of adhesive on doors, walls or floors (painters tape is permitted)
        • Pre-taped Audio or music
        • Dancing, with the exception of The First Dance, Mother/Son dance and Father/Daughter dance.



    This fee covers:

        • Crossroads for rehearsal and a maximum of 5 hours day of wedding
        • Two dressing rooms
        • Name of Bride and Groom on Church outside LED sign
        • Audio/Sound Technician (rehearsal and wedding ceremony)
        • Wedding Assistant (rehearsal, wedding ceremony, and wedding reception)
        • Twelve wrought iron pew bow stands (can hold up to 35 pounds per stand
        • Unity table (candles and pillars to be provided by couple)
        • Podiums for pastor, vocalist and readers

    Fee must be paid in full 30 DAYS prior to your WEDDING Ceremony. This fee is refundable any time prior to the wedding date or if the pastor decides not to perform the marriage ceremony.

    (Musicians are NOT included in the fee. Bride and Groom are responsible for reserving.)


    “The Pastor does not charge a set fee.  An Honorarium is fine, if the couple is able.”

    RECEPTION  Lower Level (seats 250) $150 

    Reception time is allocated based upon the availability. The Lower Level is reserved for usage to up to 5 hours after the wedding start time.  You are responsible to providing all paper products, tablecloths, decorations, food, and serving utensils. After the reception, all garbage must be thrown away; tables and counters wiped down, and all church owned serving items must be washed and put away.

    The fee includes: use of tables and chairs.

    • Use of tables and chairs
    • Use of Coffee maker and dispensers, water dispensers, plastic serving platters and plastic  serving bowls.
    • Warming Oven and Refrigerator/Freezer (Oven may NOT be used)

    This fee must be paid in full when your reception date is CONFIRMED on Crossroads calendar. This fee is refundable any time prior to the wedding date or if the pastor decides not to perform the marriage ceremony.

    Additional Fees: 

    •  If additional audio services are required, there will be a charge of $30 per hour.


    • Submit WEDDING APPLICATION (Submission 3 – 9 months before your desired wedding date is preferred)
    • Receive CONFIRMATION LETTER (includes Wedding Reservation and Ceremony Set-up form)
    • Schedule initial meeting with Pastor
    • Contact made by Wedding Assistant
    • Arrange to see church facilities and have initial meeting with the Wedding Assistant
    • Meet with Pastor for Pre-marital counseling (Typically 3 – 4 sessions)
    • Meet with Pastor to finalize ceremony planning (4 to 6 weeks prior to wedding)
    • Submit WEDDING CEREMONY SET-UP FORM and Payment (30 days prior to wedding)

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